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Queen of Canada (2012)

1min. Video Document, Colour
Language(s): English
Director/Filmmaker: Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell (Pakistan)
Production Company:  
Trailer/Excerpt/Film: Film
Setting: Canada
Summary: In December 2011, Jason Kenney, then minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism, attempted to ban all face coverings for those performing the citizenship oath in Canada. Bamboat and Mitchell's short video is a response not only to the Islamophobic and misogynistic nature of Kenney's ban, but also to the performative nature of the nationalist oath taking ceremony. (YouTube)


The Queen's Cantonese Conversational Course,
Lesson 1 / Lesson 2 / Lesson 3 (1998)

33min. Short, Colour
Director/Filmmaker: Wayne Yung (Canada)
Production Company:  
Summary: Lesson1: Suffice it to say, the queen in question is not the matriarch of the Windsor clan. Here, finally, is a language instruction class that truly teaches you where to place your tongue, Lesson 2: The class offers phrases for cruising in the park, Berlitz was never this useful. Lesson 3: The teacher gets really involved with her students in this final episode. (Reel Asian)
Source: Reel Asian


Quiet Day in Belfast (1974)

Language(s): English
Director/Filmmaker: Milad Bessada
Production Company:  
Trailer/Excerpt/Film: Excerpt
Setting: Northern Ireland
Summary: A brutally realistic drama dealing with the conflict between northern Irish "patriots" and British soldiers. (IMDb)


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