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Yueheng Duan

Arts & Expression, East Asian, Photography

Award winning Yueheng Duan is one of the Chinese most successful and well-known landscape photographers. Originally from mainland China and educated at Chinese People's University, he is now based at Toronto. He won numerous international and national titles and is currently Ambassador of Fuji Hong Kong North America's Landscape Scenic Studio. He landed in Canada in 2002.

In his over 30-year career, Duan has established himself as a leading Chinese landscape photographer. He has a varied portfolio of nature, architecture and landscape photography, through digital, medium and large format photography. His marvelous work has drawn the attention of world famous art museums and galleries, such as the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts. His sensibility of arts combines the beauty of nature with the uniqueness of Chinese culture.

Acclaimed for the superb quality of his printing, Duan is committed to the creation of outstanding black-and-white photographs, both in silver prints and digital prints. He is a magician of light and darkness. His works not only open a window for Westerners, but also build a colourful bridge connecting China with the world.

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Duan's group exhibitions include:

  • 2008, 2007, 2006 | Toronto Art Expo, Toronto
  • 2007 | Gallery of the Cryptic Canvas, Toronto
  • 2007 | Gallery of Soho Myriad, California
  • 2007 | New York Art Expo, New York City
  • 2007, 2006 | Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto
  • 2006 | Gallery of Ontario Chinese Artists Association, Toronto
  • 2006 | Ontario Gallery of Chinese Arts, Toronto
  • 2005 | Gallery of the Montréal Museum of Fine Art, Montréal
  • 2004 | One of a Kind Show and Sale, Toronto
  • 2003 | Gallery of China, Montréal

His awards and accomplishments include:

  • 2006 | Gold medalist, China UNESCO Photography Contest, Toronto
  • 2006 | Nominated for the Distinguished Contribution Award at Chinese Culture Exhibition, Toronto
  • 2003-Present | Photograph consigner with Nature's Scene Art of Trader for Canada International Art Exhibition
  • 2002-Present | Ambassador of Fuji Hong Kong North America's Landscape Scenic Studio
  • 2001 | Bronze medalist, Ninth International Photographic Art Exhibition, China
  • 2000 | Nominated Chinese Artist in the World at First Chinese and World Art Exhibition, China
  • 1998 | Represented Chinese Photographer Association to attend Photographer Exchange Event, United States
  • 1997 | Silver medalist, Gaojian Cup Photography Contest at the Third Chinese Photographic Art Exhibition, China
  • 1995 | Nominated as one of the Top 10 Photographers of Hunan Province, China
  • 1993 | Gold medalist, Fuji Cup National Photography Contest, China
  • 1993 | Nominated as one of the Top Ten Photographers of China, China
  • 1993 | Nominated as one of the Top 10 Photographers of Hunan Province, China
  • 1991 | Gold medalist, First Discovery Photographic Art Exhibition of Hunan Province, China
  • 1990 | Bronze Medallist, Chinese Advertising Photographic Exhibition

His prints have been developed in the Canadian Foundation for the Preservation of Chinese Cultural and Historical Treasures (2006) and the China Pictorial and the World Chinese Art Exhibition Regional Committee (2001).

Duan's published articles and other works include:

  • 2008 | "Mountain, Water and Emotion", Seven Days, Montréal
  • 2007 | "Yellow Stone Mountain", Today Daily, Toronto
  • 2006 | "Chinese Landscape Photography", Globe and Mail, Toronto
  • 2005 | "St Laurent River", Canadian Life Weekly, Montréal
  • 2004 | "Beautiful Tibet", Our Canada Magazine, Montréal
  • 2004 | "Fly to Banff National Park", Sino Quebec, Montréal
  • 2004 | "The Great Wall", World Journal Sunday Magazine, Montréal

Yuehang Duan on Photograph Developing

Duan develops black-and-white film and processes and prints his black-and-white photos in studio instead of sending them to a lab. Duan believes that quality and control are most important things in printing processing: both are diminished the moment if you let someone else process your photographs. If you have the time and commitment, processing your own work will give you an amazing amount of control--and creativity. The high quality finished negatives (and the black and white prints made from the negatives) depends on the care of artist's film processing (as well as the proper exposure of the film when the photographs were taken).

For more on Yuehang Duan's photography, visit http://flickr.com/photos/yh-duan/ .

"Untitled black & white photo of rice fields" by Duan Yueheng

"Untitled black & white picture of tranquil river scene" by Duan Yueheng

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