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The Bilz and Kashif

Arts & Expression, All Asian, Music

Photo of the Bilz and Kashif

Vicious and Master-D, most popularly known as 'The Bilz' along with the R&B solo artist, Kashif, form a diverse group called 'The Bilz & Kashif' that delivers unique commercial urban/pop music straight out of Canada. They are also known as 'North America's Most Wanted.'

Their debut album broke barriers in the Canadian music industry with their smash international singles, '2 Step Bhangra' and 'Spanish Fly' that dominated radio waves across Canada and internationally, reached number four on the top 7@7 charts on Z103.5FM in Toronto for three weeks standing, one notch above Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. They have performed alongside platinum-selling artists like Enrique Iglesias, VengaBoys, 112, Belly, Crystal Waters, Massari and Bobby Valentino, to name a few. Their huge popularity also exploded them as My Space's Top 10 Independent Canadian Artists.

With '2 Step Bhangra' and 'Spanish Fly' receiving major rotation on mainstream radio stations, the video received over 700,000 views on YouTube, reached number one on MTV Desi for three weeks, gained medium rotation on Much Music, Much Vibe and licensed '2 Step Bhangra' to a MTV Canada commercial. The Bilz and Kashif also won the Best Dance Video of the Year award for '2 Step Bhangra' at the Bollywood Music Awards at the Trump Taj Casino in 2008.

The year 2008 was also a big year for them, as they signed a deal to feature their music in an animated movie 'EKEH 2.0' with Bollywood stars Firoz Khan, Fardeen Khan and Rakhi Sawant. Their most anticipated single, 'Turn the Music Up', with over 56,000 spins online to date, will be released as part of their new album across Canada in summer 2009.