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Stephen Siu

Arts & Expression, East Asian, Visual Art, Photography

Mr Stephen Siu, Hon FYMCAPC; Hon FCCPST, is the current Chair of the Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto. He is not shooting pictures for a living, but photography has accompanied him in every of his career endeavours, as a journalist with the United Press International, an editor with the Reader's Digest and other publications, and someone who steers public relations, advertising and fundraising campaigns across Canada. He has chaired, adjudicated and organized many photographic exhibitions, and was one of the founders of the Chinese YMCA Photographic Club in Hong Kong.

To him, photography is more than the comprehension of the beauty bestowed upon us. It is an exploration of the meaning of our existence. "Through the camera lens, you unfold stories, you see the world and people's real faces…" he says.

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