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Reverend Soo Han Yoon

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Reverend Soo Han Yoon

He is the pastor of the Fredericton Korean Church. He received Ministry training in Korea and the United States. He received his Doctor of Ministry from Claremont University in Los Angeles, California. He has served the Korean community in Canada, the United States and Australia for 37 years.

He is a board member of the New Brunswick School of Korean Language and Culture and the Korean Association of Fredericton advisory board.

The contributions that Reverend Yoon has made to various Korean communities have been vast. Some of these contributions include:

  • Setting up churches that serve Korean immigrants in order to guide them through difficult times, and to help them settle in their new land. He has been doing this since 1999 in Canada and since 2005 in Fredericton, New Brunswick;
  • Initiating a church-planting ministry in Moncton and Saint John, New Brunswick;
  • Acting as an interpreter for those who are unable to understand English, and teaching English classes;
  • Serving newly landed immigrants in various social needs, including cultural adjustment and crisis management;
  • Helping individuals with economic stabilization. This includes helping them start businesses or helping them find employment;
  • Helping individuals with their children's education and helping them with any health concerns that may arise.