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Little Empire

Arts & Expression, All Asian, Music

Milan of Little Empire

To concurrently encourage today's youth and fuel a connection amongst the universal population in general, we have infused our ideology within an artistic expression, utilizing the melodious element.

Little Empire is a formulation of three like-minded individuals who feel that there is a growing need to elevate our voices in the midst of trying times in the world. Fed up with the flow of the popular breed of content within the hip hop industry, as well as the irresponsible messages being transposed to the eager and awaiting youth, we utilize music to deliver messages that are positive and encouraging in nature, while simultaneously denounce deviance and deprecate violence.

Sanskrit of Little Empire

Little Empire's line up includes tha REAL, Sanskrit and Milan. We, as a group, feel strongly about the issues that we tackle, and like to believe that our product entertains and educates our listeners with epic beat compositions that are coupled with mature and potent lyricism. As we strongly believe in and advocate for the power of positive and optimistic thinking, we strive to not only motivate those within Canada, but project such energizing inducement to the rest of the world as well.

Moreover, in aspiring to unite a universal community, we faithfully pay homage and express our love and dedication to both Canada and Tamil Eelam, as true unity exists only within diversity and bears no correlation with national boundaries, nor government or political ideologies. Our music is simply a medium of sending energetic and spirited information to our youth; serving as a stimulating and invigorating catalyst of unveiling and spreading the sole inspirational message of positive motivation to the world.

Tha Real of Little Empire