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Lily Chow

Education, East Asian, Education

Lily Chow

Lily Chow was born in Malaysia but immigrated to Canada in 1967. She is married to a supportive husband with three grown children and a beautiful grandson. She has taught in Prince George Secondary School and in the University of Northern British Columbia. 15 years ago she began research and writing about the Chinese Canadian history in the interior of British Columbia. Her publications include Sojourners in the North, Chasing Their Dreams and Legends of Four Chinese Sages, and numerous articles related to Chinese culture for magazines and local newspapers. Sojourners in the North has won the Jeanne Clarke Memorial Local History Award, Prince George. In 2002 she received the Golden Jubilee Medal from her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II for her contributions to the Chinese Canadian history.

Her latest works include two short stories A Princess in a White Jade Jar and The Land of Offices, and two essays Barkerville and Its Chinese Canadian History (in Chinese) and Intermarriage between The First Nations and Early Chinese Immigrants.

In recent years she had travelled to other provinces and China to present papers on topics related to Chinese Canadian history to First Nations University (Saskatchewan), Peking University, Liaoning University, Hebei University, Shijiazhaung Normal University, Zhong Shan University. She also had participated symposia on Aboriginal Education in Vancouver and Canadian Studies in Shandong University.

Photograph provided by Lily Chow