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Henry Ho

Arts & Expression, East Asian, Visual Art

He was born in Hong Kong at 1954. He studied art at the Hong Kong Polytechnic and several art colleges. While residing in Hong Kong, Henry established himself as a professional art designer, cartoonist and art lecturer.

In 1988, Henry immigrated to Canada. He then studied Chinese Calligraphy from Mr. Chin Shek Lam and finished the art program of post-modernism at the University of Toronto.

In 1995, Henry founded the "Ink Path Group" to promote contemporary Chinese ink wash painting. From 1997 to 1999, he coordinated "Common Ground" - an intercultural dialogue and exhibition project that toured several cities in Canada with its exhibitions, demonstrations and lectures in contemporary ink and wash painting.

In 2002, Henry founded "IS Gallery" where he has curated several innovative ink and wash painting exhibitions. Also in 2002, with funding from the Canada Arts Council, Henry participated in a Chinese Experimental Ink and Wash Painting travelling exchange exhibition project between China and Canada.

Henry has devoted himself to contemporary Chinese calligraphy, contemporary Chinese ink and wash painting, installation art and performance art. As an art teacher, Henry Ho has for 20 years been teaching Chinese painting and calligraphy from his private studio. He is also an instructor of Chinese art at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Henry's art works have received several prizes in Canada and have been collected by The Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery of Markham and the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

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Paintings reproduced with permission of the artist.

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