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Harvey Chan

Arts & Expression, East Asian, Visual Art

Portrait of Harvey Chan

He was born in Hong Kong, China. He has established himself as an illustrator since he graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design.

For many years, Harvey's diversified approach in commercial assignments has also greatly reflected on his personal works. Human figure has always been a primary interest in his drawings, paintings and sculptures.

Harvey has received numerous awards through his career as illustrator. He has also created two series of coin design for the Royal Canadian Mint and most recently, the Year of the Rat stamp design for Canada Post.

In recent years, spiritual and natural forms has slowly emerged and taking central stage. Fantastical and hybrid forms are also found their place in Harvey's most recent exploration.

"Ancient Diva" Copyright of Harvey Chan

Ancient Diva (4x7)
Photograph by Harvey Chan

Between personal works and commercial commissions, Harvey also found time to teach drawing, painting and illustration at Ontario College of Art and Design, and Sheridan College. Harvey has taught figure sculpture at The Toronto School of Art.

Harvey lives in Toronto, Ontario.


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