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Dunhuang Chamber Ensemble

Arts & Expression, East Asian, Music

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A professional performing group of Chinese musical instruments, founded in 1997 by well-known yan-quin specialists, Professors Samuel Hong and Anna Guo. It aims to develop and promote fine Chinese chamber music, creating its new forms and styles, and enhancing the communication between eastern and western culture. Four member of the ensemble are provided with outstanding performance skills and capability. With impressive performance, it has been active on various stages in Canada, the United States and South Asia at music festivals as well as multicultural festivals. Between 1998 and 2008, the Ensemble successfully held several concerts in Toronto, Guelph, Port Hope, Numus, Los Angeles, Ann Arbor and Dallas, among others.

In 2001, CBC Radio 2 introduced the Ensemble's virtuoso performance in its 'Music Around Us' program. In 2002, Dunhuang Chamber Ensemble was named as one of the 25 highly recommended group artists in the Eurotour 03 competition by the Canada Council for the Arts.

They have three CDs to their credit: 'Yan-quin and Zheng', 'Anna Guo Yan-quin Music' and 'Samuel Hong Yan-quin Music'.

Program flyer for 28 December 2008 event, "A Concert of Authentic Chinese Musical Instruments," held at the Fairview Library Theatre, Toronto

Program provided by Anna Guo