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Dr. Dilip Senn

Science, South Asian, Science

Dr. Dilip Senn

He was born on 21 March 1921 in Chittagong, Bangladesh (formerly part of India). He died on 21 July 2001 kidney disease in Moncton, New Brunswick, at the age of 80.

Dr. Senn practiced medicine for more than 50 years in Moncton, NB. Upon retirement, his patients were saddened to lose him as their physician. Dr. Senn possessed a quality that is rare amongst the physicians of today: he actually cared for his patients. According to Dr. Senn's daughter, Roma, he "made house calls at all hours, saw patients on weekends and performed procedures you now receive only at your hospital's emergency department." He was truly an upstanding individual.

Dr. Senn immigrated to Canada in 1959 with his wife and his daughter, choosing Moncton as his home. Dr. Senn's son was born shortly after in 1961. To his children, Dr. Senn imparted many of the values that were prevalent in his household when he was child. Among these values, those of obtaining a good education and aiming for seemingly impossible goals were ones that he was particularly passionate about.

Dr. Senn enjoyed life to its fullest, and he was especially fond of physical activity. Even into his seventies, he ran, swam and trained with weights. His contribution to the social fabric of Moncton was truly significant, and those who knew him rightfully claim that he is missed.