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OSRIC CHAU | Osric Chau was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Over the years ofPortrait of Osric Chau being a part of the entertainment business, he has learned to love the art of filmmaking and the diversity of the people involved. "Acting used to be a very bumpy ride I seldom enjoyed, but now I couldn't live without it."

In addition to acting, Osric is also an accomplished martial artist. Trained in a wide variety of martial arts, Osric specializes in Wushu, which he first started in 2000. He is proficient in hand forms as well as short, long and flexible weapons. In 2007, after training full time for six months at the Beijing Sports University, Osric garnered a prestigious position as member of the Canadian National Wushu Team. He spent the rest of 2007 in Hengdian, China, filming the four-hour mini-series, "Kung Fu Killer" for American television.

Osric is now making his feature film debut in Roland Emmerich's latest epic, "2012". Osric Chau showreel for VMACCH

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